1. The submitted material (articles, monographs, lectures, translations, reviews) must be original, not previously published in other printed publications.
  2. No more than 5 illustrations (tables, graphs, diagrams, drawings, etc.) are accepted for publication.
The content and structure of the text should include the following mandatory elements:

  • statement of the problem (the question to which the answer is given in the article);
  • scientific exposition, the purpose of which is an introduction to the problem;
  • analysis of existing methodological approaches to solving this problem;
  • research part;
  • evidence system and scientific argumentation;
  • research results;
  • scientific apparatus and bibliography.

The article should be written in a language understandable not only to specialists in this field, but also to a wide range of readers interested in discussing the topic. This may require additional explanation of specialized scientific terms.

3. The volume of the text should not exceed one author’s sheet (40 thousand characters). Font used: Times New Roman, 12 pt, interval 1.5.
Necessary information about the authors:
  • Full name (in full);
  • academic degree;
  • position and place of work;
  • postal address of the work with the index;
  • ORCID;
  • ResearcherID;
  • Email

4. The first page of the text should contain the following data in Russian and English:
  • surname, first name, patronymic of the author,
  • brief information about the author (academic degree, titles, position, place of work, postal and e-mail address);
  • title of the article;
  • abstract to the article (200−250 words);
  • keywords.

5. At the end of the article there is a list of the literature used in alphabetical order. First, the literature is in Russian, then in English.
6. The design of footnotes and notes within the article should be uniform, numbering through.
Footnotes are allowed only as elements explaining the text of the article. Footnotes referring to any sources (legislative acts, Internet sites, monographs, publications, etc.) are not allowed. They must be added to the "Sources" section at the end of the material.
7. Illustrations and infographics are welcome, in jpg, ai, tiff formats.
8. A color photo portrait of the author in 300 dpi resolution is required. Full-face, without a headdress, preferably on a light or white background.
9. Materials are accepted in electronic form ONLY in Word format to the address of the issuing editor Yulia Voronkova