The editorial board of the journal "Educational Policy" (hereinafter referred to as the Publisher), on the one hand, offers an indefinite circle of persons (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), on the other hand, to conclude this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) on the placement of scientific and journalistic materials (hereinafter referred to as the Article) in the scientific journal "Educational Policy" on the following conditions.

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement, in accordance with Clause 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is a public offer, the full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of which, in accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, is the performance of legally significant actions specified in this Agreement.

1.2. This agreement regulates licensing and other legal relations arising between the Parties when publishing an Article in a scientific journal.

1.3. The possibility of using the journal materials by third parties is regulated by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

1.4. The scientific journal "Educational Policy" is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). Registration number and date of the decision on registration: PI series No. FS 77 — 74 364, November 19, 2018

2. Terms used in the contract

The author is a natural person (persons) whose creative work created the Article.

The Customer is the Author who has accepted the terms of this Offer Agreement, and/or the person representing the interests of the Author (Authors) who has accepted the terms of the Offer.

Acceptance of the Offer — full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer on the terms specified in Section 6 of this Agreement.

The Parties are jointly referred to as the Author and Publisher.

The journal is a scientific journalistic journal "Educational Policy".

Application is an electronic request from the Customer to the Publisher for the publication of an Article in the Journal by sending the article to the Publisher’s email address indicated on the Publisher’s Website.

Publisher’s website —

Offer — this document is an offer to the Customer related to the publication of materials in the scientific journal "Educational Policy".

Publication — publication of materials sent by the Customer in the Journal.

The editorial board of the Journal is the editorial board of the scientific journal "Educational Policy".

The article is the result of fundamental and applied scientific research in the form of scientific material, scientific communication, submitted by the Customer for publication in the Journal.

Rules for authors — a list of requirements for the design, content, order of sending the Article and accompanying documents to the Editorial Office of the Journal. Mandatory for full and accurate compliance by the Customer and the person represented by him when preparing and sending an Article to the Editorial Office of the journal. The rules for authors are posted on the Publisher’s website.

The Service is a set of actions of the Publisher to prepare for publication and publication of an Article in the Journal on the basis of the Customer’s Request.

3. Subject of the contract (Offer)

3.1. Under this agreement, the Customer grants the Publisher, free of charge, for the duration of the copyright provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, a non-exclusive right in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the provisions of this agreement, to use the scientific material (Articles) created by the Customer or the person (s) he represents for publication in the scientific journal "Educational Policy" and placement of published materials on the journal’s website.

3.2. The rights to use the Articles transferred under this Agreement include, but are not limited to the following:

 — reproduction of the Article or its separate part in any material form, including paper and electronic media in the form of a separate work in journals and/or databases of the Publisher and/or other persons, at the discretion of the Publisher;

 — distribution of the Article or its separate part in Russian or English on any medium as part of the Journal and/or databases of the Publisher or other persons, at the discretion of the Publisher, or as an independent work around the world;

 — bringing the Article or its separate part to the public in such a way that any person can access the Article from any place and at any time of their own choice (including via the Internet);

 — placement of materials and metadata of the Article in International electronic databases and citation indexing systems at the discretion of the Publisher;

 — assignment of the international digital identifier of the DOI object to the Article;

 — listed, as well as other rights not directly transferred to the Publisher under this Agreement, including patent rights to any materials, processes, methods or methods, etc. described by the authors of scientific materials in the Article, as well as trademark rights are reserved for the Customer or persons represented by him.

3.3. The territory in which the use of the rights to the Article is allowed is not limited.

3.4. The validity of this agreement arises from the moment the Article is sent to the Editorial Office of the Journal.

3.5. The rights are transferred by the Customer and the persons represented by him in favor of the Publisher free of charge, and the publication of the Article in the Journal does not entail any financial deductions to the Customer or the persons represented by him.

3.6. If the Publisher decides to refuse to publish the Article in the Journal, this Agreement becomes invalid. The decision on refusal is sent to the Customer by e-mail of the Customer.

3.7. The Publisher undertakes to provide the Customer with services related to the publication of the Article in the Journal during the term of the Agreement.

3.8. The Editorial Board of the Journal provides the Customer with a range of services in preparation for publication and publication of the Article (verification of submitted materials by Editorial staff, review of scientific work by members of the Editorial Board of the Editorial Board — doctors and candidates of sciences, verification of the materials of the Article for originality, technical editing, preparation of a pre-printed layout, publication of the Article).

4. General Terms of Service

4.1. The Publisher provides services to the Customer only if the following conditions are met:

 — The Customer has provided materials that meet the requirements of the Offer;

 — The Customer has accepted the Offer.

4.2. The Services are provided to the Customer on the terms specified on the Publisher’s website.

4.3. If the materials are provided by the Customer in violation of the rules of this Offer and the requirements specified on the Journal’s website, the Publisher has the right to return the materials to the Customer for revision.

4.4. During the term of the Agreement, the Publisher is not responsible for unauthorized use of the data provided by the Customer by third parties.

5. Rights and obligations of the Parties

5.1. The Customer and/or the person in whose interests he acts guarantees that

 — is the actual copyright holder of the exclusive rights to the article and/or has received all the necessary consents to conclude this Agreement from the copyright holders, as well as the fact that the article has not been and will not be sent for publication to other editions;

 — The article contains all references provided for by the current copyright legislation to the cited authors and/or publications (materials);

 — all necessary permissions have been obtained for the results, facts and other borrowed materials used in the Article, the copyright holder of which the Customer or the person represented by him is not;

 — the article does not contain materials that are not subject to publication in the open press in accordance with the current legislative acts of the Russian Federation, and its publication and distribution will not lead to the disclosure of secret (confidential) information (including state secrets);

 — informed all Authors (co-authors) Articles concerning the terms of this Agreement and received the consent of all authors (co-authors) to conclude this Agreement on the terms stipulated by the Agreement.

5.2. The Customer undertakes

 — submit the materials of the Article to the Publisher in accordance with the Requirements of the Rules for Authors published on the Journal’s website;

 — not to use in other publications without the consent of the Publisher an electronic copy of the Article prepared by the Publisher;

 — in the process of preparing an Article for publication, the Customer and/or the person represented by him undertakes:

a) make corrections to the text of the Article indicated by the reviewers and accepted by the Editorial Board of the Journal, and/or, if necessary and at the request of the Publisher, finalize the Article;

b) comply with this Agreement and the provisions of the Rules for Authors posted on the Publisher’s website.

5.3. The Customer and / or the person represented by him has the right to use the materials of the Article in any way not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and this Agreement.

5.4. The Publisher undertakes

 — subject to compliance by the Customer and the person represented by him with the requirements contained in the Rules for Authors, obtaining positive results of scientific expertise and the Editorial Board’s decision on the possibility of publishing an article to publish an Article in the Journal in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;

 — comply with the rights of the Customer and/or the person represented by him provided for by the current legislation.

5.5. The Publisher has the right to

 — to carry out technical and literary editing of the Article, which does not change its main content;

 — to carry out an examination of the Article and offer the Customer and / or the person represented to him to make the necessary changes, before which the Article will not be published in the Journal;

 — establish the rules (conditions) for the admission and publication of materials in the Journal. The Editorial Board of the Journal has the exclusive rights to select and/or reject materials sent to the editorial office of the Journal for the purpose of their publication.

 — temporarily suspend the provision of services to the Customer under the Contract for technical, technological or other reasons that hinder the provision of services, for the time of elimination of such reasons;

 — suspend the provision of services under the Contract unilaterally out of court in the following cases: